Stabila 24-in Level Type 196-2

Stabila 24-in Level Type 196-2

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"Give us just one day on the job, you'll never hold another level."

-Dr. Wolfgang Schafer, President, Stabila

We are enjoying the Stabila levels on all our job sites. The common problems of levels (misaligned bubbles, easily dinged edges, out of straight frames) are pleasantly solved in the Stabila. Rubber end caps (removable for tight clearance) make the actual day-to-day use of the level a pleasure. The most natural motion in the world is to set the end of the level on the floor which scratches and dings up most levels. The calibrated bubbles are securely held in place with a shock resistant, patented epoxy-lock system. Precision milling on the edges of the thick aluminum frames ensures straight, true readings.

We really like this level.

Crystal clear vials readable in any direction with no change in accuracy tolerance.
Spring steel hairline indicators in vials.
Best frame strength-to-weight ratio.
Removable rubber end caps for scribing in corners and for reading tight header and sill openings.
Rubber end caps grip walls and do not leave marks.
Metal Hang hole for storing level on site.
Large comfortable rubber hand holes.
Fast and accurate installations.
Strong, wide frame.
Vials are guaranteed for life, but please note that bent levels void warranty.

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