Comfort in Any Climate

Comfort in Any Climate

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Comfort in Any Climate

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Author: Michael Reynolds
Publisher: Solar Survival Press, 2000
Soft Cover, 11"x8.25", 72 pages

This is a thorough explanation of the benefits of burmed construction including design details and theories of energy efficiency.

A Note from the Author:

We have corralled ourselves with laws and codes that, while written to protect us, are also keeping us from evolving at the pace necessary to keep up with global change and population explosion. This is much like a barn built to protect horses from the cold. By an act of fate it catches on fire and traps them inside to burn to death. Due to global change and increasing population, our barn is burning. Our laws and codes have become barriers that won't let us escape the burning barn fast enough to survive. The future will bring humanity extreme hardship unless we can bypass certain laws and codes in designated areas in order to experiment with new and more logical ways of living in our physical environment.

This book has been written to explain a theory of how buildings can be made comfortable without centralized utilities or use of fuel. In it I also present an application of the theory, the earthship, which I've been developing for the past three decases. May these ideas lead you to discover a lighter and more connected way of living on the Earth.

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