Elderhouse: Planning Your Best Home Ever

Elderhouse: Planning Your Best Home Ever

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Adelaide Altman
Chelsea Green Publishing Company 2002
paperback, 7"x10", 219 pages

"Very useful for women and men moving into their older age - the new kind of age where the concern is maintaining autonomy and control over their lives...a wonderful book."

-Betty Friedman

Back cover: "Four maxims govern the design for the retrofit of your smaller, independent home:Begin with a dream, discover the fun, stay cool, be yourself..."

"Adelaide Altman is a professional interior architect and designer, a former interior design editor of major newspapers, and a syndicated design journalist and columnist. This is her first book."

A no-nonsense guide to the basics of designing a retirement home that will serve us as we age. This is a literal discussion of how to lay out and outfit the various rooms and spaces of a well-designed retirement home inside and out. Rudimentary illustrations get the point across - most of the book is well-written text. Essential reading for those preparing to downsize from large, rambling family houses.

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