Energy: Use Less - Save More

Energy: Use Less - Save More

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Author: Jon Clift and Amanda Cuthbert
Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing, 2006
Soft Cover, 3.75"x6.5", 78 pages

We are all using more and more energy: charging up our cell phones and laptops, keeping our rooms so hot that we walk around in short sleeves in the winter, or drying our clothes in the tumble dryer. But the consequences of using so much so freely is causing our climate to change and our energy bills to rise.

Lowering the temperature of your thermostat by a mere 2 degrees could reduce your energy bill by 10 percent.

Energy-efficient light bulbs last about 12 times longer than ordinary bulbs and consume one-fifth the energy.

More energy is used in our homes than to drive our cars.

Without insulation, water heaters waste about 75 percent of the energy they consume.

This little book helps you identify how much energy you use by quantifying average useage in a low-energy lightbulb, stereo, freezer, iron, oven etc. And then it goes on to provide 100 tips on how to save energy throughout the home. In addition it offers a brief and informative discussion of alternative sources of energy. This is a great quick and easy read -- an ideal mini-gift or leaflet to leave out for casual reading!

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