Front Yard Idea Book

Front Yard Idea Book

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Jeni Webber, principal photography by Lee Anne White
Taunton Press, 2002.
9.25"x11", soft cover, 186 pages, color photos on every page.

Why is reality TV suddenly focusing on house construction? Because we are starved for ideas - but your mother was right about TV, too much is not a good thing.

Jeni Webber, with help from the experts at Taunton Press, has organized several dozen ideas into a thoughtful survey of front yard design. Jeni Webber helps you get started with a look your existing yard and architecture, a master plan and budget She then delves into entries, paths, steps, driveways, parking, property boundaries, foundation plantings, ground cover, plantings and lighting.

This is coffee table book to be consumed in numerous contemplations.

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