Light and Heavy Timber Framing Made Easy
Light and Heavy Timber Framing Made Easy

Light and Heavy Timber Framing Made Easy

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Frederick Thomas Hodgson's book, Light and Heavy Timber Framing Made Easy is a nearly 400-page reference manual, intended to be an experienced woodworker's companion when timber framing and a valuable guidebook for those new to the craft.

The book begins with an introduction to the joints used in woodwork framing and a classification of the various timbers available. A lengthy section on the classification of joints follows. These three sections combine to form what is essentially the introductory portion of the text. Hodgson then transitions into detailed discussions of specifics aspects of timber framing: studding, partitions, doors, balloon framing, roofing and more. The latter half of the book is dedicated entirely to a thorough breakdown of heavy timber framing and the challenges and solutions specifically associated with this aspect of the craft.

With over 450 illustrations included, the images in 
Light and Heavy Timber Framing Made Easy are at times just as valuable as the text. These images have been clearly reproduced in this republication, providing the reader with added insight.

Hodgson's text is a detailed breakdown of light and heavy timber framing. This book would make a valuable addition to the library of any woodworker, particularly those interested in heritage methods. Individuals new to woodworking and framing would certainly benefit from reading this text. As both a reference manual and a guidebook, Frederick Hodgson's 
Light and Heavy Timber Framing Made Easy is highly recommended.

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