Making Wooden Fishing Lures

Making Wooden Fishing Lures

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Making Wooden Fishing Lures

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Get hooked on lure making!

  • 11 step-by-step projects for making your own fresh and saltwater lures from wood
  • 13 bonus patterns for crawlers, wigglers, chasers, and more
  • Expert advice on wood, hardware, lure types, optional methods for better lures, and more
  • Collector's gallery with stunning color photos of one-of-a-kind lures to inspire your creativity

Making a usable fishing lure from a scrap of wood and some paint is a fun and easy project for anyone who enjoys fishing, carving, or collecting. Award-winning carver and fishing enthusiast Rich Rousseau likes all three, so he decided to share his fish-tested designs inside this comprehensive book.

Learning how to make your own fishing lures is as fun and easy as... well, learning to fish! With 11 easy-to-follow projects for handcrafting lures from start to finish, Making Wooden Fishing Lures will quickly teach you how to create lures that really catch fish.

Filled with proven lure designs, project demonstrations, and carving and painting techniques, this handy guide provides instructions for creating a variety of fresh and saltwater lures. Divided into three main chapters, Making Wooden Fishing Lures covers everything you need to know about wood, types of lures, extra options to add to your lure, how to dress a hook, and full-sized bonus patterns to develop your skills. Additional information about hardware, hooks, and jointed lures is also included, as is an elaborate gallery of one-of-a-kind wooden lures.

Exploring the science of catching fish—what colors and shapes fish are attracted to and how to replicate them—this handbook reveals which lure designs will attract which type of fish. You'll not only discover the difference between surface, floating-diving, and sinking lures, but you'll also learn how to carve and paint them in ways that outwit even the smartest of fish!

For the active fisherman, fishing lure collector, or the crafty carver and painter, this full-color handbook provides 11 projects and another 13 bonus patterns to make and use. Along with the wonderful lures you can make yourself, you'll find an inspiring full-color collector's gallery of historic and contemporary handmade lures. An introduction by top collector Butch Bartz provides insight into this addictive hobby's allure. Rousseau's love of lure making and fishing in general is evident in the Fun Fish Facts and entertaining stories that can be found sprinkled throughout the book.

Making Wooden Fishing Lures is a great catch, whether it is the thrill of snagging fish with a handmade lure, or finding the perfect one to add to your collection that reels you in. The 11 step-by-step projects and collector's gallery inside will surely grab you hook, line, and sinker!

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