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Mixol Stains

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Mixol Stains · 1 Black 20ml

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MIXOL multi-purpose tinting past is an absolutely first-class product that has proved itself for more than 40 years. It Is highly concentrated and can be added to almost any type of paint and/or coating material. We are thrilled to offer it for your next project. We use it with our Land Ark Natural Finishes for the very best tinting results.

MIXOL is binder-free, multi-purpose tinting paste. It forms no skin or lumps and will not dry out. It can be stored for many years. It is highly resistant to frost and heat but temperatures below 40 degrees F can cause thickening. After Freezing MIXOL needs to be thawed at room temperature. Hen shake it thoroughly and it is ready to use again.

In case of tinting lacquers and other thick finishes, sometimes MIXOL cannot be mixed easily by hand and an electric mixer provides optimal results. Note that all kinds of coating material are tintable. Lease first test that materials are compatible and do not tend to separate out. Always test for compatibility by means of a rub-test. Brush on some of the tinted paint and immediately rub hard with your finger. If it turns a darker shade, the material is either incompatible with MIXOL or the concentrate has not been properly stirred. Stir well and repeat the test. As a rule, the following materials can be tined with MIXOL: radiator pains, epoxy resin paints, fillers and primers, polyurethane paints, synthetic resin paints, hammer-tone finishes, latex emulsion finishes, nitro-cellulose lacquers, polymer emulsion paints, chlorinated rubber paints, acrylic and alkyd resin paints, cold water paints, cement colorings, water-based paints, acrylic latex paints, concrete floor paints, synthetic latex paints, glue-bound distempers, plasters and renderings, scumbles, stains and wood waxes, spackling pastes, pre-mixed fibrous and filler materials.

All MIXOL tints are mixable so you can create your own colors. Depending on the finish concerned, MIXOL may be added up to a maximum of 10% by weight.

MIXOL tints 6,7, 10, and 18 are for indoor application only. However, you can mix some of the other tints to achieve the desired shades. Please read the MIXOL leaflets as well as the instruction and technical information in the shade card and note the MIXOL LW type and LW Oxide type are for indoor and outdoor applications, the MIXOL L types are for indoor applications only.

For tinting Heritage Natural Finish, add the pigment to your desired intensity, directly into the oils and mix well before use and as you continue to sue it. The solids can migrate to the bottom as you work. Be sure to keep track of the ratio of tint to oil, so you can duplicate your finish to make larger amounts. These are very concentrated colors, so a littel goes a long way. The ratio where the concentration is the strongest but you can still see the wood grain is about 12 oz of Mixol added to 1 gallon of Heritage Original Finish. This gives you the strongest color before it behaves more like paint. Apply tinted oil liberally on the surface, allow to soak in and wipe down lightly with a cotton cloth. Apply two coats for best results. The surface will dry to a classic rich matte sheen. 

Mixol makes three sizes of bottles.
20 ml = 0.69 oz
200 ml = 6.76 oz
500 ml = 16 oz

Coverage: About 400 square feet per gallon in our Original or Exterior Finish on the first coat. Nearly double on the second, depending on the species of wood you are finishing. Always do a test first to be sure you like the color and its penetrating well. 

Clean up: Clean up of the Mixol pigmenst is very easy, just use soap and water for pure pigment. Once the Mixol is mixed into the oil, use Pure Citrus Solvent or other solvent for clean up on hard surfaces or brushes. 

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