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Murder in Between, a murder mystery, is about good versus evil, David versus Goliath. It's about the Higgins family, who farm, as they struggle against a banker who wields his power and influence to try and take advantage of them and steal their property. It's also about a familial relationship that strengthens as the going gets tough, bringing them closer together.

Small towns, unique in character to cities, are seen as pristine places in which to live but not all are idyll. The town of Between is firmly held in the grasp of the ruthless bank president, striking fear or worse into any who oppose him. Most citizens of the town, having surrendered their autonomy to him, forfeiting power and property, sometimes life or limb, have become apathetic, giving free reign to his dominance. Not so complacent are Curtis and Phoebe Higgins who challenge Morray, struggling against his relentless oppression to maintain their livelihood and retain control of their farm.

"I thought the book was well written and easy to read. I never would have suspected the ending and was very surprised. Only in rereading it did I see the clues. I don't like stories that don't get resolved and was relieved that the bad guys finally got what they deserved."

- Jeffrey P.


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