One-Man Timber Saw
One-Man Timber Saw

One-Man Timber Saw

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In stock at 873 US-1, Woolwich, ME 04579

One-Man Timber Saw · Great American Tooth

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This large saw is used mostly in forestry work and the crosscutting of large logs, but in recent years it has been purchased by people aiming to cut their own firewood in a more traditional fashion. We think it is a great option for timber framing as well.

The blade is made from British CS80 steel with a Rockwell hardness of 44-46 and a thickness of 1.5mm to provide the superior stiffness required when cutting on long strokes. Select either a Great American tooth pattern or a Champion tooth pattern.

The Great American tooth consists of a group of three teeth, each set alternately, separated by a gullet. It is sometimes called a crown tooth because of its shape. The Great American tooth pattern is designed to cut dry, medium–to–hard woods. A special file is used for these saws. The file can be purchased today and is called a crosscut file or a Great American file. The file is shaped somewhat like a teardrop. The thicker rounded edge is for filing out the gullets. The sides of the file are used to file the rakers and cutters. This file also can be used to sharpen other tooth patterns.

The Champion Tooth consists of two cutter teeth set alternately and an unset raker with a gullet between them. The cutters are wide and massive, allowing heavy sawing in extra hard, dry, or frozen wood. The larger teeth are sharpened in more of an almond shape

.The handles are solid beech; the auxiliary handle included can be used for a two-man version if needed or as a second handle for one user. and the teeth can be re-sharpened with a large triangular file.

  • 3-foot Blade
  • Beech handle, plus auxiliary handle for use as a two-man version if required
  • Special Great American Tooth pattern for use on logs, etc.
  • Can be re-sharpened using a large triangular file
  • British CS80 Steel, 1.5mm thick blade
  • Each tooth is hand set

The saw should be 2-3 times longer than the material being cut to ensure maximum cutting per stroke. 

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