Tajima Plumb-Rite 400
Tajima Plumb-Rite 400

Tajima Plumb-Rite 400

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Tajima's fast and Easy to use Plumb-Rite 400 works on a simple and consistently reliable principle; gravity. Universal setters that quickly set to wood, drywall and steel surfaces, and quick-stabilizing plumb bobs that reduce time-robbing bob wobble and spin.

-- Elastomer-wrapped universal plumb bob setter with commercial-grade 14 oz. bob
-- New steel reinforced setting pin to be used with a hammer when tacking into wood and drywall at heights above-head
-- Strong magnet for attaching to steel frames and ribbed eyelet to hook onto nails or studs
-- Braided nylon line extends and holds at lengths up to 14 1/2 ft., retracts into case automatically
--Internal "flush pin" for zero distance measurements with plumb line flush with surface.
-- Unique plumb bob features a quick-stabilizing cap that reduces bob wobble and spin
-- Bob also featured embedded elastomer side bumpers and a thick tip guard
-- Adjustable for bobs weighing from 3.5 oz to 35 oz.

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