Sloyd Knife

Sloyd Knife

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The Flexcut Sloyd Knife comes razor sharp and ready for use. Like sloyd tools of traditional Swedish design, Flexcut's knife is a tough, well-made tool that is great for whittling, chip carving, marking, general woodworking and handicrafts.

The core of the blade is made of high-carbon steel. This results in a very hard edge for superior edge retention. For added strength, the tang of each knife extends completely through the handle. The handle is beautifully made of conditioned Cherry hardwood.

Each Sloyd Knife comes with a custom, 100% leather sheath featuring a built-in belt clip. The sheath's rugged stitching gives it a distinctive look and ensures long-lasting blade protection.

Overall length: 7-1/2-in
Blade Length: 2-7/8-in

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