The Cabin - Paperback

The Cabin - Paperback

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By Dale Mulfinger & Susan E. Davis
Taunton Press, 2003
Soft cover, 9.5" x 10", 250 pages

Intimate, simple, sometimes even a little primitive, the cabin is an American icon. Its appeal is both as a basic form of shelter and as a treasury of feelings, sensations, and memories of family and friends. More than just a structure, the cabin is a way of life.

The Cabin presents 37 inspirational cabins from all over the country, showing how people are buidling, reclaiming, and transforming this unique American dwelling for a chance to enjoy the best that cabin living has to offer. Based on design, shape, age, and material, the cabins are divided into four distinct styles: rustic, traditional, modern, and transformed. Whatever the style, each is a classic American getaway.

From a custom log cabin in Montana's Yellowstone River Valley to a cabin in Upstate New York that's barely smaller than the island it's on, The Cabin celebrates the appeal of this unique form of retreat, providing inspiration and practical ideas for realizing your own cabin dream.

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