The New Cottage Home - Hardcover

The New Cottage Home - Hardcover

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Jim Tolpin 1998

Hardbound, 10.25"x10.25", 230 pages
"A Tour of Unique American Dwellings"

Inside Cover: "What house form most deeply stirs our sweetest dreams of home? None other than the versatile cottage. And never was there a broader representation of the cottage form than here in The New Cottage Home.

"Author Jim Tolpin tours 30 sparkling jewels of cottage design-from the shores of the Atlantic to the beaches of the West Coast and the fields and forests of the American heartland. Along the way, visit a Pacific northwest cottage in the style of a French hunting lodge; enjoy the simple pleasures of a Nantucket "beach box"; and marvel at the "salvage-yard vernacular cottage" built with materials gleaned from a junkyard."

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