Tormek Handbook

Tormek Handbook

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The Tormek handbook is included with each machine. It gives you the basics of sharpening and different techniques as well as user instructions and valuable tips for each jig and how to sharpen specific tools.

Tip: Get the full Handbook online when you register your Tormek machine here!

More than 600 detailed line drawings show, step by step, how best to sharpen most type of edge tools with the unique Tormek method. The updated design with wire-o-binding and plastic cover makes it easy to keep as a reference close by the machine when trying out new jigs.

General about edge tool sharpening

The first part includes: Difference between shaping and sharpening, Edge angle and bevel angle, Dry grinding and wet grinding, Vertical and horizontal grinders, Hollow bevel, Grinding direction and grinding pressure, Honing and polishing as well as different techniques for complicated shapes. It will give you a general understanding of sharpening and the factors affecting the result.

Tormek tips, instructions and maintenance

The second and main part includes instructions for each Tormek jig and accessory, along with useful tips on maintenance and usage. If you know what jig you want to look up – don't miss the product index shortcut on the last page, it will save you time.

The Tormek Handbook is also available for download, when you register your machine. It can also be bought separately through your dealer.

Editions and updates:

Edition 10.4: Three new diamond wheels are introduced: Diamond Wheel Coarse DC-250, Diamond Wheel Fine DF-250 and Diamond Wheel Extra Fine DE-250. MB-100 Multi Base which enables sharpening on the sides of the Tormek Diamond Wheels is introduced. ACC-150 Anti Corrosion Concentrate is introduced. WM-200 is updated with new scale for MB-100.

Edition 10.3: Machine model T-8 is introduced. SVD-185 is upgraded to SVD-186. SE-76 is upgraded to SE-77.

Edition 10.1: SVS-32 is upgraded to SVS-38.

Edition 10.0: T-4 replaces model T-3. The Tormek Work Mat RM-533 is introduced.

Edition 9.9: SVD-185 updated to fit exchangeable cutters from 4–8 mm.

Edition 9.8: The small knife holder SVM-00 is introduced. Minor updates and improvements.

Edition 9.7: The Bench Grinder Mounting Set BGM-100 is introduced. The new and wider water trough featuring a water chute and with a magnet for attracting steel particles is included. The new EzyLock washer nut is introduced. Some chapters have been revised and updated. The chapters Safety and Spare Parts are removed and are now in a separate booklet delivered with the machine.

Edition 9.6: New geometries for the Turning Tool Setter TTS-100 have been introduced and this chapter has been re-written as well as the chapters for the Gouge and Cutter Jig SVD-185 and the Multi Jig SVS-50. The chapter Sharpening Techniques for Turning Tools has been extended with “Questions and Answers”.

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