Woodshop Dust Control

Woodshop Dust Control

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Woodshop Dust Control

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Woodshop Dust Control provides all the information woodworkers need to protect themselves from wood dust -- a serious health hazard. This completely revised color edition includes charts and graphics, up-to-date information on the latest products and examples of actual shop systems.

From the Back Cover:

Woods chips and sawdust in the woodshop are not just a nuisance - they can also present a significant health hazard. Unfortunately, information on choosing the right mask or installing a collection system has been hard to find. Until now. In this book, veteran furniture maker and author Sandor Nagyszalanczy presents a complete overview of solutions to woodshop dust problems. You'll learn how to protect yourself from respirable wood dust using masks, respirators and air-filtration devices. You'll also discover ways to control and capture the mountain's of sawdust produced by portable power tools and stationary machines - from simple, inexpensive shop vacuums and portable collectors to full-blown central dust collection systems with cyclonic preseparators. The book is filled with practical information on designing, building and installing a system that's right for your shop. And for the budget-minded, there are plans for numerous shopmade dust control devices throughout the book.

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