Quick Whittles: 16 Caricature Projects to Carve in a Sitting

Quick Whittles: 16 Caricature Projects to Carve in a Sitting

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The ultimate guide to whittling quick and quirky caricature projects!

  • 16 step-by-step projects, including a cuddly bear, happy hippo, roly-poly Santa, curious narwhal, wheelie ladybug toy, and more
  • Small, on-the-go carvings are simple enough to be completed in one sitting with just one knife
  • Full-size patterns, step-by-step instructions, coordinating photos, and painting and finishing tips
  • Essential information on all the basics, with clear guidance that breaks down complex techniques to make carving characters easy and achievable
  • Author Sara Barraclough is an extremely talented caricature carver with a popular, fun-loving style


Get started in caricature carving with this collection of beginner-friendly whittling projects and just one knife!

An excellent way to try your hand at carving adorable caricatures and learn how to capture personality and expressive elements within your caricature carvings — from exaggerated facial features to whimsical googly eyes — Quick Whittles offers 16 unique and portable projects you can carve in one sitting or even on-the-go!

Featuring detailed guidance that breaks down complex techniques into simple and achievable steps to help beginners build skills and confidence, every easy wood carving project includes step-by-step instructions, coordinating photography, painting and finishing tips, and full-size patterns.

From a PB&J-inspired whimsy and a not-so-scary monster to a cute caterpillar, a stylish pig, and even a little girl who is refusing to go to bed, each project conveys a charming emotion and personality that's sure to delight and offer satisfied smiles upon their completion!

Also included is an insightful opening section with overviews on carving basics to brush up on before you begin, from tools and materials to making basic cuts, safely sharpening your knife, and techniques for painting your finished project.

Author Sara Barraclough is an extremely talented caricature carver with a popular, fun-loving style. Unlike most caricature carvers, she explores a range of subjects and even non-wood materials!

Learn how to create quick, easy projects filled with fun personality, with Quick Whittles!

"This book offers information needed to guide the carver from first cuts to finishing the paint. The use of bold cuts to achieve simple details in the projects is brilliant for carvers of any stage in their carving career. Sara has laid out simple but unique projects where each project holds slight challenges and techniques which make the carving come to life."
—Dwayne Gosnell, Award-Winning Carving Artist and Instructor

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